Love & Lace

Love & Lace – Hello there, as I promised I am back again with another post. I have a question? Do you guys have any clothing items which you bought but have been sitting in your closet for a while now? Well such is the case with my lace skirt. I bought this skirt a year ago and never wore it. I have no clue why? I remember buying this skirt to fulfil my love for lace.

I teamed up my skirt with a basic navy blue tee. Basic because I already have too much already going on my skirt (you can’t divert your mind from the Lace! Dah!). Since you already  know I love adding a pop of colour to my outfits (in case you don’t checkout my previous post) I did the same here by adding a yellow sleeveless lapel tie waist outerwear. It just makes me feel much more easy and comfortable.

You can throw on a similar kind of outerwear with your jeans & heels and you are ready to look glamourous. For my heels I went ahead with my nude peep toes above ankle boots which I borrowed from my winter collection. I am obsessed obsessed obsessed (yes yes that crazy) with Gold colour and I bought these boots just for the Gold heels.

Stay Snazzy

The Reggae Rose

Skirt: ONLY | Top: Zara | Heels: | Outerwear:

Photography – Ankush Photography


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